SVG mew

Gotta Catch Em All

“ Of course catching and arranging Pokemon is the basic mechanic of the game, but choose wisely cause no one has unlimited Pokeballs! ”

SVG lvlup

Strategically Level Up

“ Fighting against stronger Pokemon is hard, especially if they have a type advantage. Thats why you have to strategically level up your Pokemon to counter your enemy and unlock new moves! ”

SVG battle

Round Robin PvP

“ When playing Duels/PvP mode you send your team to the opponent to your right and fight against the enemy to your left. Plan ahead and either play agressiv or defensive, to become the very best! ”

SVG berry

Snack Time

“ If you ever feel unlucky, accumulate and feed berrys to increase your chances of catching a specific Pokemon, or attract a new legendary. But use your berrys wisely! ”

SVG player

Your are in Control

“ Currently there are over 230 Pokemon in the Game and we constantly add more each patch. Pokemon Legends is not your average auto-brawler, thats why you can choose which type of pokemon you want to search each round! ”

SVG fist

Campaign PvE

“ Dont want to compete against other players, or just want to get to know the game mechanics? Try to beat the PvE campaign with over 40 Waves of Pokemon to fight against! ”

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